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Application range of warning tape
Jun 19, 2017

The twill printing tape can be used for warning signs in areas such as ground, column, building and traffic.

Anti-static warning tape can be used for floor area warning, box sealing warning, product packaging warning and so on, color: yellow, black word, Chinese and English warning signs, viscous for oily special high viscosity rubber glue, anti-static warning tape surface resistance 107-109 ohms, the warning tape is used to identify the warning area, the danger warning and the classification. There are black, yellow or red, white lines of various styles to choose from, the surface resistance to wear, can withstand high flow pedal; good viscosity, certain anti-corrosion, acid and alkali properties, wear-resistant. Use: On the floor, on the wall and on the machine to prohibit, warning, reminding and emphasizing the role