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Introduction of the types of double-sided tape
Jun 19, 2017

First of all, we should know that the two-sided glue in life is: white oil glue, butter glue, water glue, embroidery glue. In addition, we should know that double-sided tape is also a lot of kinds: mesh double-sided tape, reinforcing double-sided tape, rubber double-sided tape, high-temperature double-sided tape, Non-woven double-sided tape, no residual rubber double-sided tape, paper double-sided tape, double-sided glass cloth tape, pet double-sided tape, conductive tape, pet tape, foam cotton double-sided tape, hot melt tape, masking tape, electrical tape, high temperature adhesive tape, Rama tape , PVC tape, no base material tape, acetate cloth tape and other applications in all walks of life in the production process.