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Analysis Of Supply And Demand Change Of PE Bag Industry
Jun 19, 2017

PE bag industry supply and demand situation and change reason:

(1) The supply of PE bags is tight and the concentration is higher

In recent years, the global photovoltaic market has been growing rapidly, and the demand for PE bags has been growing fast. Before the large-scale production in China, the domestic PV module enterprises rely mainly on imports.

In recent years, the domestic enterprises, including the company, through independent research and development or technical cooperation, and so on, gradually resolved the EVA film anti-aging, light transmittance, etc., to achieve the localization of EVA Plastic film. In the domestic market, domestic EVA plastic film began to replace foreign products, but the domestic enterprise EVA plastic film production capacity is still limited; In addition, the same quality, domestic EVA plastic film prices than foreign products, so the supply of EVA Plastic film, especially in the domestic market has been relatively tight.

At present, the supply of PE bags in the world is basically by the United States, Japan, China, Germany, the four leading manufacturers: the United States (STR), China Foster, Japan Mitsui Chemical (Mitsui Chemicals Fabro), Bridgestone (Bridgestone), Sanvic, Water (Sekisui), Germany (Etimex) and so on. After years of independent research and development, Forster has fully mastered the EVA Plastic film sleeve technology, product bonding strength, anti-ultraviolet strength, shrinkage rate and other important technical indicators to meet customer requirements. Based on the rapid growth of domestic PV module production capacity and domestic EVA plastic film higher cost-effective, domestic PV module manufacturers gradually choose the company's Eva Plastic film.

(2) The demand of PE bag grows rapidly, the downstream customers gradually focus on Asia

As a special material for solar module package, PE bag plays a key role in power generation efficiency and life span of PV modules. With the increasing demand of PV modules in recent years, the market demand of PE bags has increased greatly. After China became the world's largest producer of PV modules in the 2007, it has also become the largest demand country and has maintained its current. 2010 Global PV Cell production before the top ten, China (including Taiwan region) Enterprises occupy six seats, Europe and the United States have only one enterprise into the list (data source: Photonionternational, the 3rd period of 2011), Eva Plastic film customers are gradually concentrated in Asia.

At present, although the production of PV modules in China is very large, but the actual installation is very small, the production of photovoltaic modules are mainly exported to foreign markets, therefore, the domestic EVA film mainly through the domestic PV module indirect exports, a small number of products directly exported. In addition, the small number of domestic photovoltaic companies more, so with the EVA Plastic film supply market characteristics of different, domestic and foreign PE bag demand customers concentration is still relatively low.