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Gravure Printing
Jun 19, 2017

gravure printing, ink color full of three-dimensional, in a variety of printing methods, printing quality is the best. And the printing quality is stable. The printing plate has a long life. Suitable for large quantities of printing. Gravure printing can be printed very thin material, such as plastic film. But gravure printing complex price high, its benzene pollution environment. These two problems affect the development of gravure printing. In particular, a large number of printing pieces of the reduction, short version at the same time requires a large number of low-cost printing, gravure printing constantly lost the market.

The main advantages are: 1, simple structure, easy to form a production line. In Offsctdruckereien, concave, three large printing machine is the simplest structure. Therefore, the price of the machine is relatively low and the printing enterprise invests less. At the same time, because of simple, easy to operate, easy to repair. At present, the vast majority of machines, with such as Tomkin,, cutting,,,, and open windows, and other processing technology line, forming production lines. Greatly improve labor productivity. 2. Wide range of application and substrate. Almost all printed matter can be printed and used in all the substrate. Especially in printing is unique. 3, widely used water. Offsctdruckereien, gravure printing, the three major printing methods, only the current widespread use of water. Non-toxic non-polluting, environmentally friendly, especially suitable for printing. 4. Low cost. Low cost has formed a broad consensus abroad.