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Jun 19, 2017

Offsctdruckereien is mainly used for printing paper-based materials. There are many limitations to printing on plastic film. Sheet-fed offset printing press format can be changed, more flexible. At present most of the web offset printing presses are fixed format. Its application is limited. The development of technology, web offset printing presses are also constantly improving. Has now been successfully developed to change the print format of the web offset press. At the same time, the successful development of seamless cylinder paper offset press. This kind of web offset printing press cylinder is seamless, in this respect has been the same as Web gravure machine. Offset printing presses also continue to improve the function. The plate can be printed by improving and installing parts. UV printing can be printed by improving and installing UV devices. The above-mentioned improvements continue to expand the use of offset presses in the field of printing. The use of Offsctdruckereien will soon enter into practical application. Offset printing here is another step.