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Production Process Of PE Plastic Bag
Jun 19, 2017

Self-proclaimed bag with its low price, convenient packaging, favored by the market. We are familiar with such bags in supermarkets or factories, but what if they are made? I'm afraid there are not too many people to know. Self-made bag film blowing machine production process and production principles: the dry polyethylene particles are added into the hopper by the weight of the particle itself from the hopper into the screw, and when the grain is in contact with the diagonal edges of the thread, the rotating diagonal ribs face the plastic to produce the vertical thrust of the oblique edge, moving the plastic particles forward.

During the process, the friction between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the barrel, and the collision friction between the particles and the external heating of the material cylinder are gradually dissolved. Molten plastic through the nose filter to impurities from the die mouth, through the wind loop cooling, blown through the human character plate, traction roll, coiling the finished film into a tube. Use and characteristics the device uses dual frequency conversion speed control, can save energy for you, the extruder machine, barrel, screw are used high quality alloy steel, tight nitriding treatment and precision machining, with the best hardness and corrosion resistance, the special design of the screw output high, plastic. Suitable for blowing low density polyethylene linear low-density polyethylene plastic film, widely used in food, clothing, garbage bags, such as the self-styled bag, such as civil and industrial packaging.

Low-pressure polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene are new varieties of polyethylene in the world market. Because of its excellent impact strength, puncture resistance, environmental stress cracking, low temperature resistance, in particular, can be made of thin films. Low cost of use, so a large number of the production of self-styled bag. Can blow low pressure, high pressure, linear low density three kinds of polyethylene film self-styled bag, not only adapt to their new material blown film, but also suitable for their recycled plastic blown film, stable performance, reliable quality, the use of special structure of the screw extruder, advanced screw die, adjustable flexible cooling wind ring, a reasonable aperture-type stable foam structure, so as to ensure that three kinds of polyethylene and different proportions of mixed plastic homogenization.