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Triangular Column Type Carton
Jun 19, 2017

The triangular column corrugated box is the box and the angle lining one page molding, the Corrugated box Four Corners form the triangular column or the right angle column structure, thus causes the compressive strength to raise 20%-50%.

The triangle column type carton has the pallet and the seal type two kinds, and has many kinds of box type to choose. Compared with the general corrugated box, the triangular column corrugated box under the standard condition, the compressive strength may raise 20%-30%, the high humidity condition enhances 40%-60%; In the humid state is particularly obvious; from the structure, the corner is relatively strong, so the drop impact and vibration, the damage rate of the internal loading is very low; when the load is applied, the cartons are deformed and stable, and the stacking is not easy to cause. The pallet-shaped triangular corrugated cardboard box sells well.